Supply Minister Announcement

A meeting of the Keswick-Ravenshoe congregations was held at Keswick United Church on June 28th.

The purpose of this meeting was for the Ministerial Selection Team to recommend that Rev. Johanna VanderSpek be contracted to fill the supply minister position at Keswck-Ravenshoe Pastoral Charge for a period of one year from September 2016 to August 2017, or until a permanent minister is in place. 

All motions were passed and we look forward to working with Rev. Johanna starting in September.

Rev. Johanna VanderSpek has been an ordained minister for 18 years and has just left a full time, two year supply position at St. John’s United Church in Alliston.

The Selection Team thank their church families for the support they have shown throughout this process.

Lyn, Sarah, Rosemary, Sharon, Harmen, Dianne, Joanne, Marilyn


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