Financial Support

Church Financial Support

We can  arrange for monthly pre-authorized remittances (PAR), which some families prefer as an easy and convenient way to make regular donations to the support of the Church . It is re-assuring  to them to know that their support is meeting our expenses even when they themselves may be drawn in other directions by personal committments.  Proper Tax Receipts for these donations are made at the end of each year.


In addition, certain  individuals make periodic contributions to help with our operations or perhaps in memory of a friend or loved one and we have found that the use of the “Canada Helps” web site is especially beneficial. This web site is established by the Federal Government for Registered Charities and allows for a 100% flow through on donations made back to the Charity of your choice. We hope that at some time, Keswick United Church, will be that choice.
We’d prefer to see you join us on a regular basis, but if  you are not able, your financial support is most gratefully accepted.  charity-default-profile-swatch-en



Each Congregation of the United Church of Canada operates solely on the donations made by their members. There is no financial assistance for daily operations from any other level of the Church, which sometimes might be assumed by those not familiar with our operation.
Keswick United Church exists strictly because of the weekly contributions made by those who look to it as their centre of Faith support. This support is contributed through weekly envelope  givings which allows us to record the donations made and make sure that proper tax receipts for these donations are given at the end of each year.

Support our Building Projects !!

 —Buy a Brick…. 

IMG_2394-sized-buy a brick

 In 2012, the Congregation of Keswick United Church installed an accessibility ramp connecting the Christian Education Wing and the Church Sanctuary. This project elminated the step access which was so difficult for many to navigate.


The cost of this was covered by a fund raising program which saw our members and others from the Community buy one of the  bricks above the entrance over the ramp and have their own special message engraved on it. The response was fantastic and we thank every one for their contributions. Not only did we cover the cost of the ramp but we generated monies which will go towards other outstanding building issues.

We hope that support will continue for this fund raising approach to address these other issues and that more bricks will be purchased.

Examples of the type of project would be exterior windows and doors, exterior walls, energy efficiency improvements together with upgrades to our sound and video programs.

We hope to ring this entrance with the evidence of your support which will continue to show for years to come, your special message.

Whether it be a message of celebration, a message of remembrance or simply your name, it will show this community that you want our special place of worship to continue to make  a difference..



So as we continue to go forward


 “Support our Building Projects –  Buy A Brick”